CHW Cares is a neighborhood-focused company that delivers end-to-end healthcare in clinics, at home and on the go.

CHW Cares was founded in 2013 as City Health Works to demonstrate the power of health coaching in delivering exceptional results for patients with chronic conditions. In 2021, CHW Cares launched its first hub in New York City in a multi-specialty practice that serves 25,000 patients annually. CHW Cares reinvests in our neighborhoods by making it easy to get and stay healthy, while creating high quality jobs.

Externally Validated Results

The majority of our patients are older and struggle with multiple health needs.

CHW’s chronic care solution averts short and long-term complications that arise from ineffective disease-management at home.

6:1 Return on Investment
1-1.5% HbA1C
90% Satisfaction
50% Fewer Asthma ED visits
50 - 70% Enrollment rate

Evidence-based, Personalized Chronic Care Management for Metabolic, Cardiovascular, and Pulmonary Conditions

We teach patients how to adhere to care and medication plans.
We escalate medical issues before they become a bigger problem.
We assess non-medical risks in the home and help secure solutions.
We help patients set goals to successfully manage day-to-day care needs.
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CHW Enables People with Chronic Conditions to Achieve Greater Control of Their Health

For Individuals

Through Chronic Care Coaching & Clinical Care, we make it easy to manage your conditions, at home and via phone or video.

For Payers

We consistently achieve superior clinical improvements & cost savings versus standard primary care for patients with persistent poor control.

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